Kinematics for life


Comfort, Ergonomy, Versatility

We make Automotive, Appliances and Furniture comfortable and healthy. Comfortable and Healthy means new functionalities and movements in the future for excited users.

What we do

We make reliable and viable products and services that generate versatile, comfortable and ergonomic spaces


We are engineers specialized in product development and industrialization to create robust complex motion systems.


We understand and feel the dynamics of movements that raise the value of user interaction with products in different environments.


We create intangible experiences of versatility, comfort and health through the interaction of people with objects.

Smart Comfort Platform, AIALA Activity

Our approach



Is a pleasant experience in reaction to the environment.



Is the process of designing or arranging workplaces, products and systems so that they fit the people who use them.



Kinematics gives movement to spaces by transforming them into new and attractive uses and functions. This means that Versatility is for the user to multiply his space to its full potential.



Is the study of the motion of mechanical points, bodies and systems without consideration of their associated physical properties and the forces acting on them.


We understand Kinematics and Market to Market from a holistic point of view. Starting with concepts and finishing with production parameters as a hole, all integrated. It’s not only design. Closeness to production engineers makes a product reliable and it ends into the best high perceived quality for the end user.

ComfortSwing example

Locking mechanism: When we developed a turning kinetic based on 4 turning points, we understood the importance of introducing play-free but pressure-free joints. The reason for this is that we wanted to achieve the minimum effort needed to lift the weight of the dishes.

The higher the friction of the pivot points, the higher the unnecessary energy consumption, would be made by the user. Once again, what the user perceived was a high perceived quality and a system that definitely works.

'Turning points: When we developed the locking system, we understood the need to go beyond the applied technique, not only we talked about the technology of fine cut of the plate, but we understood the importance of linking it to the pieces that surround it.

To do this we determined that the locking system had a constant contact between the locking pin and the plate, a flat contact because this would lead to achieve a constant and uniform release forces, in short, what is more important, a high quality perceived by the user, in relation to the product and the brand that contains and reflects it.

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We are a business unit into Hettich Group, a company that has been leading the market of furniture fittings during 150 years

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