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We aim to make the users daily life easier, improving their home comfort, and ergonomics

Our approach


Building the home of the future

We apply our knowledge in kinematics for the home of the next generations, creating useful, versatile, comfortable, and ergonomic places.



We can create solutions to make the most of the space of your home.


Comfort and health

The comfort and health care of your customers is our success.

With the support of Hettich Group OBEKinematics take in their shoulders Hettich experience in hinges, slides...

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Our solutions

Comfortswing Comfortswing


The new generation of Dishwashers

  • The new lift fitting ComfortSwing, specially developed for the dishwasher, also moves the low basket to an ergonomic height.
  • The upper baskets are already on ergonomic height.
  • The low basket closes softly and silently thanks to Comfort Swing with Silent System.
  • Unlocking via additional handle.
  • Design of rivets avoid a metal-metal contact for a very long life cycle of fitting and high quality perception by end-user.
Legadrive systems

Legadrive systems

For easier life

  • Powerful columns: power-assisted telescopic LegaDrive lifting columns.
  • Adjustable width: Adjustable desk support frames.
  • It works easily: 1 electronic control unit with simple buttons.

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