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Design services covering the whole value chain, from concept to detail development.


Versatile, comfort & ergonomic spaces generation with reliable products & services.


Hybrid Agile design based on process with combined waterfall and agile methodology.


Accelerate our business with Start ups collaboration.


Early detection of new business opportunities.

From the first idea to the finished product

We accompany you through strategic product development, from the idea to the physical model, providing complete development support through to the finished product. From preliminary development and series development to series support after the start of production of individual parts, modules and the development of complete systems, we combine expert knowledge with the latest lightweight construction material technology trends.

Concept design & product development

Even the first component versions provide basic information as to whether and how a product can be manufactured. As part of this validation of styling, components are assessed for their feasibility or cost-optimised manufacturability in series (Design For Manufacturing, DFM).

Design & product

With our extensive engineering expertise, we take over responsibility for developing modules & components. We integrate components and systems functionally and set ourselves the challenge of increasing quality demands.

Design and product

Functionality that can be experienced is one of the strongest arguments for buying a car.This is why we pursue a holistic approach encompassing all attributes in development. Safety, kinematics, Comfort, Energy, ease of use, ergonomy, Quality.

Acoustics and comfort play a decisive role in the driving experience in modern vehicles. Noise and vibrations must be avoided to create a positive overall impression with the customer. The conscious design of the systems and parts\'s sounds in line with vehicle character is an additional aspects from a comfort perspective.

Product and process

The detail feasibility study is now carried out with the correct materials and the processes that have been devised. This includes deep drawing simulation, joining technology validation and process simulation. We keep an eye on the costs.

In the context of detailing, logistics concepts are also optimised for cost effectiveness, e.g. by increasing the packing density in the containers.

Production launch

After validating the individual components taking account of (cost efficient) feasibility, suitability for installation and logistics requirements, it is then essential to support the customer during the series development phase at the interface with suppliers and service providers.

CAD toolings. CATIA V5.

  • FEA module. ANSYS
  • Kinematic module. ASOM
  • Plastic injection module. MOLDFLOW
  • Design FMEA
  • Complex tolerance analisys
  • Catia Composer for 3D Exchange and rendering
  • Kinematic software. GIM
  • 3D printing machine

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